Hello Barrhaven!

Welcome to Gees Bees! We're you local honey farm, located just over the Vimy Bridge in Riverside South! 


It's now even easier to pick up a jar of our local wildflower honey, or one of our premium Canadian honey varietals

Look for our honey stand

in Loblaws on Greenbank!

Pure Raw Canadian Honey

All of our Honey is 100% Pure and Unpasteurized

As beekeepers ourselves, we know how important it is to know where your honey comes from.  We're delighted to sweeten your day with our pure, all-natural honey!  We practice 100% Natural, Organic Beekeeping. 

Look for our

honey stand in

 Loblaws on Greenbank! 

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We're the Gees! 

Hi! We're Marianne and Matt Gee, the founders of Gees Bees.  We started Gees Bees after discovering a colony of honeybees living in the wall of our home in 2009.  Today we care for beehives all over the city!

We're located in Riverside South, where we're rejuvenating a National Capital Commission farm into a bee haven, with pollinator gardens, flowering fruit trees, and habitat for our honeybees and wild pollinators. 

We are delighted to produce Ontario wildflower honey and pleased to work with beekeepers across the country to bring you rare, single varietal honeys