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100% Pure Canadian Buckwheat Honey 

Bees produce Buckwheat Honey from the nectar of buckwheat flowers

Buckwheat is an ancient crop, grown for its grain.  In our region, it is often also planted by organic farmers to enrich the soil.  When a buckwheat field blooms in late summer, the white flowers dance with bees!

Dark amber to deep mahogany, buckwheat honey is earthy, with notes of malt, chocolate and black cherries.  

Buckwheat honey's strong flavour pairs well with hardy Stilton cheese.  It makes an excellent addition to barbecue sauce and honey garlic sauce. 

For delicious hot toddy to soothe an evening chill, stir a spoonful of buckwheat honey into a mug of steeped water with lemon, with (or without) a splash of dark rum. 

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