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100% Pure Canadian Linden Honey 

Bees produce Linden Honey from Basswood and Linden tree flowers

Basswood trees (also known as American Linden) are a native to Ontario. Their delicate yellow flowers bloom in late June and early July, if the weather is warm and humid.  When they bloom, the flowers produce abundant nectar and buzz with bees, giving them the nickname the 'bee tree.'   

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Excellent for sweetening herbal tea. Linden honey pairs well with Camembert cheese, accompanied by green grapes, pecans and a crusty baguette.  Try drizzling it over seared scallops or poached pears.

Linden honey is very clear and thick, with a butter yellow to golden harvest colour and greenish hint.  It is pleasantly sweet and fruity, with notes of mint and apple. 

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