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OUR Bees 

Our beehives are located all around Ottawa, from West Carleton to Kanata to Cumberland to Kemptville.  Each beehive is home to 50,000 honeybees who work hard pollinating flowers and making honey

The vast majority of honeybees are female and they do all the work in the hive - they build honeycomb, raise the young, collect nectar, make honey, and defend the hive from predators.  The queen bee is the only bee in the hive that lays eggs. She can lay up to 2000 eggs a day and this is her only job...the other bees feed her and generally take care of her.  The males', called drones, sole purpose is to mate with a virgin queen and unlike the female worker bees, they don't have a stinger. 

Beekeeping is a wonderful hobby! Before you start keeping bees, it is a good idea to take a beekeeping course to learn about how to care for them.  We are pleased to offer beekeeping courses every spring and invite you to visit our FAQs page if you have questions about getting started in beekeeping




Hotels, restaurants, golf courses, retirement residences, and businesses of all kinds, can savour their own honey and enjoy the charm of the honeybees, while we handle all of the work of caring for the beehive


Our starter bee colonies (called 'nucleus' colonies or 'nucs' are available around the end of May/beginning of June (subject to spring conditions) 


Learn the art and science of apiculture, through a mix of classroom and hands-on learning.  Our full-day introductory beekeeping course will give you the knowledge you need to get started keeping honeybees

TOUR the farm

Whether you live in Ottawa or are visiting our Nation's Capital, 

a visit through our  honey farm will make a memorable experience.  Learn how honey is made and taste the variety of honey produced by honeybees in our region!

Summer in a jar

In our region, honeybees spend the spring and summer visiting flowers, pollinating them, and bringing nectar back to their beehives to make honey.  It's a lot of work...bees will visit 2 million flowers to make 1 lb of honey!  Click here to learn more about our honey.