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Whether you drizzle it, spread it or eat it by the spoonful, we are delighted to sweeten your day with our 100% pure and natural raw honey from beehives located around Ottawa. 

In our region, honeybees spend the spring and summer visiting flowers, pollinating them, and bringing nectar back to their beehives to make honey.  It's a lot of work...bees will visit 2 million flowers to make 1 lb of honey! 

How do they do it? The bees start by building the honeycomb with wax they produce from their bodies. Meanwhile, foraging bees collect nectar from flowers, which they bring back to hive. Once home, there are bees waiting to meet them at the entrance, who in turn carry the nectar high up into the hive and pack it into the honeycomb cells. Work isn’t done yet! The bees then use the heat of the hive to evaporate the nectar until it is less than 18% water. And finally, as a last step, they seal each honey-filled cell with a beeswax cap- their own tiny little honey jars, each storing liquid gold! To learn more about bees and honey, please visit our FAQs page

OTTAWA's Honey


Honey is the only food that never spoils! This is because it is naturally antibacterial.  It also contains antioxidants, minerals, and a quick energy boost from the natural sugars from flowers.  All our honey is raw - meaning it hasn't been heated, maintaining it's natural pollen and benefits. 


Reserve your share of the honey harvest at the start of the season and receive a year's supply of honey at harvest time. Plus meet the bees that make your honey!


Let us help you make your next event extra sweet with our custom labelled honey favours.  Available for weddings, corporate gifts, banquets and more. 

by the jar

Our honey pure raw honey is produced in Ottawa, by honeybees that are cared for organically and sustainably. 


We provide pure raw honey to some of Ottawa's finest restaurants. Easy online ordering, weekly delivery, at competitive prices.  

MEET our bees

Our honey comes from beehives located all around Ottawa.  We care for our honeybees, using only organic methods and harvest honey only when they produce enough to share. Click here to learn more about our bees.

Want to meet the bees that make your honey?

Learn more about our Hive Share Program