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Keep the mosquitos away! 


Citronella comes from the leaves and stems of lemongrass and has been known for millennia to have many wonderful properties, from repelling insects and fighting fungus, to calming pets and improving skin condition. Honey Candles® Citronella votive is infused with natural citronella oil that has been distilled from the citronella leaves, with a soft subtle scent that doesn't overwhelm the senses like many synthetic fragrances.

Essential oils are aromatic liquids extracted from plant parts that carry the plant's unique essence, as well as many of its healthy compounds. Honey Candles® line of essential votives are made with 100% pure beeswax, gently infused with natural and healthy essential oils, hand made in Canada. Using only safe and environmentally-friendly ingredients: no solvents, heavy metals, nor any other toxins commonly found in candles. We think you will appreciate the difference.


Tip: Beeswax votives are unique in that they are designed to fully liquefy as they burn. That means they need to be lit in a cup. Our votive gift packs now include one of our glass votive cups - you'll be pleasantly surprised at the ambient glow that it creates!


Candle Size: 2" h x 1 1/2" d

Burn Time: 13-14 Hours per candle

Our wicks contain absolutely no lead or other metals.

3 Pack of Citronella Beeswax Votive Candles

SKU: 624181002747
  • 🕯️ Keep mosquitoes at bay with Honey Candles Citronella beeswax votives! Citronella, derived from lemongrass, is known for repelling insects and more. Infused with natural citronella oil, our votive offers a subtle, non-overwhelming scent. Crafted with 100% pure beeswax and natural essential oils, it's eco-friendly and handcrafted in Canada. Plus, these votives come with glass votive cups for a mesmerizing ambient glow. 🌿🐝 #CitronellaCandle #PureBeeswax #EcoFriendly

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