Bridgehead Coffee - MerryMaker Holiday Blend

Bridgehead Coffee - MerryMaker Holiday Blend


Full Medium Roast Coffee, full bodied and creamy, sweet and full with notes of raspberry mulled wine and baking spice. 


Size - 12 oz (340g) bag


Why its exceptional: 

This coffee is Fairtrade certified and was produced on the organic farms of our suppliers Ramon Pablo (Guatemala) and Efrain Urquia (Honduras).It was scored at 85 points by our cuppers, making it of uncommon quality among specialty coffee.Ramon has placed in the top three in his cooperative's annual coffee competition several times and has since gone to sell to us his entire production annually. He has been a leader in his community and helped to push the move towards higher quality coffee in addition to maintaining heritage seeds for the betterment of the region's food security.Efrain works to respect the land he grows on, and has accordingly portioned his plot into thirds: one third is for coffee, one third is for his farm animals, and one third is for actively managed forests. He has been an active proponent of organic and specialty coffee production, helping other members in his community with training and techniques as well as providing a weighing and drop off station for other co-op members.

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