Our Honey Varietals

We're pleased to produce wildflower honey and work with beekeepers across the country to bring you  Canadian specialty honey

Our wildflower honey is as popular as it is versatile.

With its mild flavour, wildflower honey is easy to pair.  Toss a summer salad with honey vinaigrette, or drizzle over vanilla ice cream or strawberry tart.   Sweeten hot apple crumble, a warm cup of tea, or your morning oatmeal.

Wildflower Honey

Canadian Specialty Honey

Made by bees from the nectar of raspberry blossoms.  Raspberry honey is delicate, with notes of marshmallow and raspberry. It pairs beautifully with mascarpone or cream cheese, or drizzled over vanilla ice cream with fresh berries.  Sweeten a summer cocktail or freshly squeezed lemonade.

Raspberry Blossom Honey

Dark amber to deep mahogany, buckwheat honey is produced in Quebec by bees visiting buckwheat blossoms. It has a rich, bold earthy flavour, with notes of malt, chocolate and black cherries.Buckwheat honey pairs well with hardy Stilton cheese.  To soothe an evening chill, stir a spoonful of buckwheat honey into a mug of steeped water with lemon

Buckwheat Honey

Blueberry blossom honey is golden, produced in Quebec by bees visiting blueberry blossoms.  This honey has a mild blueberry flavour, a smooth buttery texture, and notes of violets and jasmine in every spoonful. Delicious spread on fresh bread, muffins and turnovers, or drizzled over muesli and yogurt.  Also pairs well with goat cheese. 

Blueberry Blossom Honey