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Fouetté à la perfection, notre miel crémeux est parfait pour être tartiné sur des toasts ou dégusté à la cuillère ! 

Pur miel crémeux canadien

PrixÀ partir de 6,50C$
  • 🍯 Experience the Luxury of Creamed Honey - Whipped to Perfection! Dive into the velvety smooth texture of our Creamed Honey, ideal for a luxurious spread on your morning toast or as a delightful spoonful treat. Sourced from Canadian wildflowers, it offers a mild yet distinctive flavor, perfect for various culinary uses. Available in 250g and 500g jars, our 100% pure, unpasteurized honey is a testament to natural goodness. Elevate your meals and snacks with our versatile, creamy honey – a must-have for every honey lover! #CreamedHoney #NaturalSweetness #GourmetHoney

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