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Thank you for choosing our
Pure Canadian Honey!

The flavour comes from the flowers.

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Wildflower Honey

All-natural and unpasteurized, this deliciously sweet honey is ideal for sweetening, cooking and drizzling! Enjoy it by the spoonful, stirred into tea and coffee, spread on toast, and every way in bee-tween.

Honeybees pollinate 2 million wildflowers to make each jar of our pure Canadian wildflower honey.


Blueberry Blossom Honey

Honeybees collect the nectar of the white bell-shaped blueberry flowers to create this unique Canadian honey, while pollinating the blueberries.  

Blueberry blossom honey has a mild blueberry flavour, a smooth buttery texture, and notes of violets and jasmine in every spoonful. Enjoy spread on fresh bread or drizzled over muesli and yogurt.  


Raspberry Blossom Honey

The sweet nectar of raspberry blossoms that bloom in mid-summer are very attractive to the honeybees that pollinate them. 

Raspberry blossom honey is a thick, smooth light amber honey, with notes of caramel, marshmallow and fruit. Try it drizzled over vanilla ice cream with fresh berries.


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About Us

We're Marianne and Matt Gee,

the founders of Gees Bees Honey Company!


We became beekeepers after discovering a colony of honeybees in the wall of our home in 2009! We rescued the bees, starting caring for them, and in the process found our passion for beekeeping and really great honey. 

We're delighted to sweeten your day

with our pure all-natural delicious

Gees Bees Honey.


Best Ontario Wildflower Honey and honeycomb
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