We're Marianne and Matt Gee, the co-founders of Gees Bees Honey Company! Our honey farm is located in Ottawa, in Riverside South, where we care for our honeybees, pollinator gardens and orchard.   We also have beehives all around Ottawa, where they produce local wildflower honey. We started Gees Bees after discovering a colony of honeybees living in the wall of our first home - as we fell in love with them, they changed our whole lives! 

We're delighted to bring you

all-natural, high quality local honey and premium Canadian varietals from across our 'bee'autiful country 


~Marianne & Matt Gee  

Our Farm


538 River Rd, Ottawa, Ontario 

Hours of Operation: Re-Opening Soon, currently offering Curbside PickUp and Delivery

Farm Tours: Coming Soon

We're located in Riverside South in the south-end of Ottawa.  Here we offer our private farm tours, where you can learn about the bees that make your honey.  Our farm is also home to our orchard, pollinator gardens, and our honey shop. 

The discovery that started Gees Bees

In 2009, we bought a house...a house that, to our shock, had a colony of honeybees living in the wall!  We didn't know what to do! We didn't want       to have them exterminated but we couldn't find anyone to help. 

So, one day in June, Matt put on a rubber rain suit, wrapped a towel around his head, and climbed a ladder to remove row after row of honeycomb and thousands of bees from our wall. Many stings later, the bees were re-homed to a proper beehive.

In the process, we discovered something remarkable!  The fresh honey these bees produced was nothing like grocery store squeeze bear honey.  Instead, it was bright, complex and more flavourful than we could imagine.  We discovered local honey, and our passion for sharing it.

As we rescued the bees from our house, we tasted fresh honey for the first time.  "Is this what honey is supposed to taste like?" we asked ourselves.

Our passion for bees and honey was sparked  

Our Honey

Our bees are our passion and the honey they produce in our region is bright and flavourful.  Honey changes across the season and from region to region, depending on the flowers the bees visit to make it! In early summer our bees visit clover, vetch, linden, black locust among others.  In late summer the bees collect nectar from goldenrod, aster, and loosestrife.

As beekeepers, we have also discovered amazing Canadian honey that is difficult to produce in our region.  We are pleased to work with beekeepers across the country to bring you pure, single varietal honeys: raspberry blossom, blueberry blossom and buckwheat

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538 River Rd, Ottawa, Ontario

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