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538 River Rd, Ottawa, Ontario


In 2009, Gees Bees Honey Company was unofficially founded by a colony of honeybees that had moved into the wall of our home.  It wouldn't be until a few years later that we would would start Gees Bees but in the process of rescuing the bees from our wall, we discovered something remarkable.  The fresh honey these bees produced was nothing like the grocery store squeeze bear honey that we bought from time to time.  Instead, it was bright, complex and more flavourful than we could imagine.  We had discovered our honey, and our passion for sharing it.

Bee Rescue

The honeybees we discovered in our wall were living in our kitchen ceiling floor joists. We watched them coming and going from the siding, with their legs full of pollen, knowing full well they were packing honey into our house.  We needed to evict them but  we didn't want to exterminate them.  

Unable to find someone to help, Matt decided to put on a rubber rain suit, wrapped a towel around his head, climbed a ladder, and started removing row after row of honeycomb and thousands of bees from our wall. Many stings later, the bees were re-homed to a cabinet that we put in the woods. 


As we rescued the bees from our house, we tasted fresh honey for the first time.  "Is this what honey is supposed to taste like?" we asked ourselves.

Our passion for bees and honey was sparked  


We assumed this bee rescue would be the end to our honeybee adventures....but the bees had other ideas.  Not two weeks later, a swarm of honeybees flew over our garage and started going back in the house, in the same place where the previous colony had lived.  Perplexed, at this point we called a beekeeper named Rachel who came to help us.  By now, we were wondering about beekeeping, and keeping the bees who found our house so welcoming.  And so, with Rachel's help, we re-homed this second colony into a proper beehive, as we did with the first colony.  Here we were, two new beekeepers with two beehives.

Honey Gables

As our new beekeeping hobby grew, we eventually started selling honey to our friends and family and at the local farmers markets. In 2015, we co-founded Gees Bees Honey Company.  Why Gees Bees?...because our last name is Gee. 

In 2017, we moved to our urban farm in Honey Gables (a neighbourhood of Riverside South in the south-end of Ottawa).  Here we care for our honeybees, our vegetable gardens, orchard, and operate our honey store.  We're also working to rejuvenate the site with pollinator gardens, to share our love for bees and pollinators with you.  We look forward to your visit!  


We are delighted to bring you

all-natural, high quality local honey,

harvested with care, from honeybees that we love 


~Marianne & Matt Gee