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2024 HiveShare 

Meet the Bees & Share the Honey


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How it works

Reserve your share of the honey harvest at the start of the season.  We care for the honeybees and you receive a share of the pure raw honey they produce. 


At harvest time, you'll receive a year's supply of local raw honey (twelve 500g jars) and have the opportunity to meet the bees that make your honey at our Bee Day in August 2024

The Honey

At harvest time in August 2024, you'll receive a year's supply of local raw honey (twelve 500g jars) from Ottawa's Community Supported Pollination Project sites:

Barrhaven/Riverside South - Gees Bees 

Also located on a National Capital Commission Farm, Gees Bees farm is located in the neighbourhood of Honey Gables.  We're converting this 8-acre site to a pollinator sanctuary to teach people about the importance of bees. 

Kanata - Wesley Clover Parks

Located in the National Capital Greenbelt, Wesley Clover Parks is a four-season outdoor recreation and learning hub.  Our bees benefit from their 300+ acres of meadows and forest. 

The flavour of honey depends on the flowers the bees visit to make it, and they visit 2 million flowers to make each jar!


Honey from our Pollination Projects is pure, raw, wildflower honey. Throughout the summer, the bees visit a multitude of flowers including white clover, vetch, birdsfoot trefoil, basswood trees, acacia trees, goldenrod, and more.  We harvest the honey around the beginning  of August to have it ready for you at the Bee Day in August


The Bee Day

In August, our Hive Share holders are invited to meet the bees that made their honey!


Throughout the day will be holding demonstrations to share our love for bees, including:

Honeybee Show & Tell - Learn about life inside the beehive and see our beekeeping gear 

Pollination Station - Learn about the vital role bees play in pollinating our apple trees 

Meet the Bees  - Join us in the bee yard where we'll show you the active beehives and bees inside! 

All about Honey - Learn how bees make honey and how we harvest it at our honey house! 


HiveShare membership includes free tickets for 2 adults and 3 children.  This is also the day when your honey share will be available for pickup.

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