5 Celebrity Backyard Beekeepers

It looks like Hollywood has discovered what beekeepers have known for ages - beekeeping is meditation and a great way to relax after a long, stressful day.

When you step into the beeyard, time stops and the worries of the day melt away. No phones, no tv, no Facebook. Just the gentle humming of the bees and the smell of warm honey drifting through the air.

Here are just a few celebs who've caught the buzz and turned to beekeeping...

1. Morgan Freeman

The smooth-voiced Freeman cares for 26 beehives on his 124 acre ranch in Mississippi, which he is converting into a beehaven by planting lavender, magnolia trees, and other bee-friendly flowers.

As he explained to Jimmy Fallon on the Tonight Show, he has no fear of being stung by his new friends. His trick to avoiding stings? "You've got to resonate."

2. Flea

The Red Hot Chili Peppers' oh-so-talented bassist is also backyard beekeeper.

Flea and his mentor Ruth care for three hives at his home in L.A. as a way of helping the declining honeybee population. Now an avid beekeeper, Flea regularly posts pictures of his "zillion of mysterious and fascinating bees" on Instagram.

3. Leonardo DiCaprio

Rumour has it that Leonardo DiCaprio has taken up beekeeping. The Oscar-winner is said to be learning from his mother's partner and took up the hobby as a way of managing stress in the lead up to the star-studded event. Fact or fiction? Either way the idea of Leo in a beesuit is delightful!

4. Martha Stewart

Is it really any surprise that Martha keeps bees? The domestic diva starting keeping bees at Turkey Hill Road in 1976. Today, Martha's hives are buzzing at her Bedford home and cared for by Bedford Bee Honeybee Service. In true Martha-style, you can learn all about her honeybees here, and here, and here, oh and here too...

5. Scarlett Johansson

The actress, seen here with beehive hairdo, is said to have received honeybees as a wedding gift from Samuel L Jackson. Still waiting for some official bee selfies before we can confirm whether the buzz is true...

Can't wait to see who else catches the buzz!

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