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Ottawa Food Bank Beehive

Updated: Dec 12, 2020

Wow does a year go by fast! It was this time last year that we had the idea to help the Ottawa Food Bank by installing a beehive at its Community Harvest Farming Project. With the help of a micro-grant from Just Change Ottawa, it has been a big success!

The Ottawa Food Bank’s Community Harvest farm at the Tom Black farm near Stittsville grows local produce to help feed the hungry in Ottawa. In 2015, Jason Gray and his team of volunteers grew 101,000 lbs. of fresh vegetables! We thought this was so cool and wanted to help, since about one third of the food we eat depends on pollination!

In June, we installed the beehive of 50,000 honeybees, who quickly got to work pollinating and making honey. In two months, they made 84 lbs of honey by pollinating 168 million flowers at the Ottawa Food Bank farm!!! They're called busy bees for a reason!

Not only do the bees pollinate the crops, but 100% of the sales of the honey will also go to the Ottawa Food Bank, which we unveiled at the Canadian Agriculture Museum Queen Bee Party on August 20th.

We're also delighted that the Morning Owl Coffeehouse has offered to carry this limited edition honey in their shops! You can pick up your jar of honey, with 100% of the sales going to the food bank, at Morning Owl Rochester and Morning Owl Kanata!

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Mothers Day

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