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Honey for Cough?

Updated: Dec 12, 2020

Cough and cold got you down? Instead of turning to over-the-counter cough syrup, research suggests that honey may be just as effective!

Hands holding cup of honey lemon tea for cough

In a recent Cochrane Systematic Review (the gold standard of health evidence), researchers combined the results of multiple studies that tested the effectiveness of honey for cough relief in children. They found that honey was more effective at providing cough relief and reducing the impact of cough on children's sleep at night than no treatment. More importantly, honey was just as effective as dextromethrophan (the active ingredient in cough syrup) and better than diphenhydramine (another common antihistamine used for cough relief).

Buckwheat honey may be particular effective, with the American Academy of Pediatrics noting that is has been 'found to ease nighttime coughing and sleeplessness in children ages 2 and older.'

So next time your coughing, a spoonful of honey might just do the trick! Or try a soothing honey, lemon, ginger tea!

Spoonful of honey for cough


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