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How to eat honeycomb

Updated: Sep 21, 2022

Honeycomb is nature's delicacy and the most raw form of honey and it's completely edible. It's both rustic and sophisticated. If you're new to honeycomb, here are a few ways to enjoy this delectable sweet treat! You can find honeycomb in our online store.

Enjoy pure raw honeycomb with red grapes and brie
How to eat honeycomb

1. Enjoy Honeycomb by the Spoonful

The easiest way to enjoy honeycomb is to carve out a spoonful, or slice a thin sliver with a knife and enjoy as is. The wax is chewy and edible, although some people prefer to spit it out like gum. It is a guilty-free pleasure.

Enjoy honeycomb by the spoonful - piece of raw honeycomb in a dish with spoon
Enjoy honeycomb by the spoonful

2. Honeycomb with Cheese and Crackers

Honeycomb will take your cheese board to the next level. The sweet honeycomb with salty cheese is a match made in heaven, and the texture of cheese blends beautifully with the honeycomb. We recommend slicing a small amount of honeycomb onto a cracker and layering it with sharp cheddar, smooth brie, flavourful blue, and any cheese in between.

Honeycomb with brie, blue cheese, cheddar, crackers, pistachios, almonds
Honeycomb with cheese and crackers

3. Honeycomb with Charcuterie

Like cheese, honeycomb pairs deliciously with cured meats like prosciutto, capicola, and dried sausage.

Honeycomb with cured meats, charcuterie
Honeycomb with cured meats, charcuterie

4.Honeycomb as a pizza topping

If it pairs with cheese and charcuterie, you can bet its amazing on pizza! Small slices added after baking are a sweet delight on homemade pizza pie. Or how about honeycomb and brie on english muffin pizzas

5. Honeycomb With Green Apples, Grapes, and Walnuts

Slice up a green apple and scoop up a bit of honeycomb for a delicious afternoon snack. Likewise grapes (and cheese...can you see a theme here?) are also amazing with honeycomb. Crunchy walnuts, cashews, and pecans make a great pair too.

Honeycomb with green grapes, cashews and brie
Enjoy honeycomb with green grapes

6. Honeycomb as the prettiest garnish

A small cube of honeycomb on a fancy cake is out of this world. Especially on top of honey cake! Check out our blog for our Buckwheat Honey Cake recipe.

Honeycomb, cherry and strawberry onto of honey cake
Enjoy honeycomb as a fancy garnish

7. Honeycomb on warm fresh bread

Honey on toast is a fan favourite, so it's no doubt that honeycomb on fresh baked bread or toasted baguette is very very good. Its also a really great match for peanut butter.

Honeycomb with fresh bread
Enjoy honeycomb with fresh bread

8. Honeycomb with cocktails

Honeycomb is a stunning, delectable garnish on a fancy evening cocktail! Here are eight honey cocktails that are worth the buzz....

Enjoy honeycomb with cocktails

Our words simply don't do honeycomb justice. You'll never know how wonderful honeycomb until you try it!


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