May in the Beehive

May is a magical month! The world transforms from grey to green. Warm sunshine, blooming flowers with their abundance of nectar and pollen, and good-humoured bees. That's right...honeybees have a mood and in the spring that mood is gentle and easy-going, making them very easy to work with.

Why are the bees in such a good mood? The weather is warm and the bees are busy bringing in an abundance of nectar from the spring flowers...especially dandelions which blanket Ottawa with yellow. The nectar from dandelions triggers the colony's desire to reproduce - the queen is laying up to 2000 eggs per day and the beehive is becoming crowded. As a result, the worker bees will build queen cells to raise new queens in preparation for swarming. This time gives us the chance to make new honeybee colonies.

At our farm, the bees are also visiting and pollinating other spring flowers, especially our apple and plum trees and haskap berries. Fruit trees across Ontario depend on honeybees, bumblebees and other pollinators to ensure an ample harvest. The bees transfer pollen from flower to flower, allowing the trees flowers' to develop into delicious fruit. There is nothing quite a wonderful as an apple tree filled with buzzing bees

All of these things combine to make May a magical month and a wonderful time in the beekeeping season. We can work the bees with ease and the weather is just perfect! We look forward to sharing more pictures and videos as the May flowers blossom!

Have a bee-autiful day!

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