2019 Recap: A Busy Buzzy Year

2019 marked the 10 year anniversary of discovering honeybees in our wall and becoming accidental beekeepers. Little did we know then that these honeybees would change everything! And make for some very exciting years ahead. 2019 was no exception...

Ideas Worth Spreading: TED features Marianne's talk about bees

Last New Year's Day, we woke up to an unusual number of new Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn followers...we love to share stories and info through social media but couldn't figure out what had triggered the little spike. And then we started getting emails about a talk that Marianne had given the previous March at TedxKanata at the Brookstreet Hotel about our beekeeping story. It turns out that TED had picked her talk to launch their New Year's series in an article called: If you want to tackle big problems, try thinking like a bee

Honey Hunting in Florida

Last January, we also jumped in the car and drove to Florida on a honey hunt. The flavour of honey is influenced by the flowers the bees visit to make it, and we were curious what flavours we would find there. The first one was orange blossom honey. In our next blog post, we'll tell you more about the trip and the wonderful honeys we tried.