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A Hive of Activity at Algonquin College

Cheryl Jensen, President of Alqonquin College, began her 2016-17 address to the College: "It seems just like yesterday we were seated here last summer, hot, hot summer, on June second, but time flies when you’re having fun — and time flies when you’re busy. And we’ve been very, very busy this summer. Busy as bees, you might say."

It's especially true for the School of Hospitality and Tourism, who enrolled their 200,000 honeybees this fall! You see, the chefs at Algonquin are not only masters of the culinary arts, they are also budding beekeepers and now their lucky bees have a school of their own! The wooden hives were even built by students in Algonquin’s Cabinet Making program

By showing their students honeybees in action, Chefs Dan Halden and Dave Fairbanks are teaching their culinary students the intricacies of where our food comes from. As part of their Farm to Fork course, their apprentice chefs learn about sustainability, the local food movement, and even get to harvest honey straight from the comb! Now that's sweet! We had the pleasure of joining their class on November 8th to help with the honey harvest and teach a little bit about the magical life of honeybees inside the hive!

President Jensen concluded her opening school-year remarks with "When we need a little inspiration, we can head outside and spend a little time with the bees." Yes, how very true and an inspiration they are!


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Mothers Day

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