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Our wildflower honey is as popular as it is versatile

Pure Canadian

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100% Pure Canadian Wildflower Honey 


Bees produce Wildflower Honey from the nectar of millions of flowers

Just as summer arrives, wildflowers blossom in abundance. Clover, vetch, and berry brambles, bloom among other wildflowers.  Honeybees visit 2 million flowers to make each jar of our delicious wildflower honey.


Our wildflower honey is floral, mild and smooth, making it highly versatile and easy to pair 



With its mild flavour, wildflower honey is easy to pair.  Toss a summer salad with honey vinaigrette, or drizzle over vanilla ice cream or strawberry tart.   Sweeten hot apple crumble, a warm cup of tea, or your morning oatmeal.

Now Available at your Local

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