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Canadian Beeswax Pastilles - 250g & 1kg: The Essential Natural Ingredient for DIY Projects


Embrace the versatility and purity of our Canadian Beeswax Pastilles, available in convenient 250g and 1kg bags. These pastilles are the quintessential choice for a wide range of DIY projects and recipes. Sourced directly from local Canadian beekeepers, Honey Candles beeswax pastilles represent the pinnacle of natural, high-quality ingredients.


Perfect for DIY Enthusiasts: Whether you're crafting candles, creating your own skincare products, or exploring other homemade crafts, these beeswax pastilles provide a reliable and natural base. Their small, uniform size ensures easy melting and smooth incorporation into your projects.


100% Pure and Natural: We take pride in offering beeswax pastilles that are completely pure, containing no additives or impurities. This makes them ideal for projects that call for the highest quality natural ingredients.


Sustainably Sourced: Our commitment to sustainability means each pastille of beeswax comes from ethical and environmentally responsible beekeeping practices in Canada, supporting local communities and bee populations.


Versatile and Easy to Use: The practicality of our beeswax pastilles lies in their versatility and ease of use. They are perfect for creating a variety of products, from eco-friendly food wraps to luxurious cosmetics.


Product Details:

  • Sizes: Available in 250g and 1kg bags.
  • Origin: Sourced from local Canadian beekeepers.


Discover the endless possibilities with our Canadian Beeswax Pastilles, your go-to natural ingredient for all your creative and sustainable DIY needs.

Pure Canadian Beeswax Pellets Pastilles

PriceFrom C$17.99
  • 🐝🌿 Dive into your DIY projects with Canadian Beeswax Pastilles, available in 250g and 1kg bags! Perfect for crafting candles, homemade skincare, or any other creative endeavor, these pastilles are sourced from Canadian beekeepers, ensuring purity and sustainability. Easy to melt and incorporate, they're the ideal natural ingredient for eco-conscious crafters. Explore the endless possibilities and support ethical beekeeping with these versatile, high-quality beeswax pastilles! #DIYCrafting #PureCanadianBeeswax #SustainableProjects

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