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Dark milk chocolate infused with locally roasted coffee. A subtle mocha flavour and silky smooth sweet treat, perfect for morning, noon, or night. 



INGREDIENTS: Organic cacao, organic cane sugar, milk powder, organic cocoa butter, Equator Coffee Roasters' North Star Espresso

ALLERGENS: Contains milk. May contain nuts and peanuts. 

Soy Free and Gluten Free

Hummingbird Chocolate - Mocha Milk

SKU: 628451966555

4 for $32

  • 🍫☕ Discover the perfect fusion of flavors with Hummingbird Chocolate Dark Milk Chocolate, infused with locally roasted coffee from Equator Coffee Roasters' North Star Espresso. This sublime treat offers a subtle mocha flavor, creating a silky smooth experience that's ideal for any time of the day. Crafted with organic cacao, cane sugar, and cocoa butter, it's a sweet escape for morning, noon, or night. Soy free, gluten free, and lovingly made for the ultimate indulgence. #MochaMagic #LocalRoastLove #SilkyChocolateTreat

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